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SINCE 1981


In Agrupapulpí we know that being a farmer is much more than cultivating or plowing the land. It is a way of understanding the field, nature, life … It is knowing that we have to give back to the earth, everything that the earth gives us. So that’s what we have been doing for almost 40 years.
Since 1981, I AM A FARMER

A farmer knows better than anybody, that to obtain the best fruit, the best seed must be planted. Thus, we are committed to one of the values that makes us unique: Our integral agricultural cycle. Our own nursery allows us to guarantee the quality of the entire production process from before the fruit is born.

After weeks caring for the land, watching over each crop, upholding teamwork, we keep more than 2,000 hectares of our own land in the south of the Mediterranean in production … The final goal for the farmer is to harvest fruits or vegetables that the consumer receives at his table, with the same confidence and quality as if it came from their own garden.

With this philosophy, this company was born. Thanks to its mission, based on responsible agriculture, it uses the latest technology to optimize natural resources.We work to return to earth what the earth gives us.

Our integral agricultural cycle