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Agrupapulpí, a benchmark company in lettuce production in Europe

Lettuce is one of the best known Spanish agricultural products in European markets. In Agrupapulpí we are one of the leading companies in the cultivation of lettuce, with which we have managed to position ourselves as one of the major international benchmarks, with sales throughout Europe.

The cultivation of lettuce of different varieties, the quality of the product, the packaging and treatment conditions and the speed of distribution, guaranteeing the freshness of the lettuce, are the values on which our way of working is based. Our company offers a certified and guaranteed product traceability process, which becomes one of our main signs of identity.

Agrupapulpí’s facilities have the latest advances to carry out the packaging process in the shortest possible time and preserving the nutritional properties of the lettuce as much as possible, thus reaching the consumer in the best possible conditions. As producers and distributors, we control quality throughout the entire process, from the beginning of cultivation in seedbeds to the final packaging.

This way in Agrupapulpí we can guarantee not only the maximum care in all the production chain, which is adapted to the needs of our product, but also we can reduce the time that passes between the harvest and the shipment of the vegetable, with a fully guaranteed process.

Our fields have the main varieties of lettuce, all grown and harvested according to the highest quality standards and in different packaging and presentations. We have lettuces in buds, romanas and loose leaf lettuces:

  • Cocktails.
  • Roman lettuce.
  • Lollo pink and green (biondo)
  • Red and green oak leaf
  • Apollo

Agrupapulpí is a family business that has been growing and distributing fruit and vegetables for almost four decades. We have our own integral cycle and 1,900 hectares of growing areas in the provinces of Almeria, Granada and Murcia which allow us to cover the demand for produce throughout the year.