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Our ‘La Roja’ watermelon and melon campaign begins

Watermelons and melons are, within the fruits, the undisputed kings of summer. Their high water content, their refreshing and diuretic power and their high vitamin and mineral content make them an ideal ally for the hottest months. In Agrupapulpí, with the arrival of spring, we have already started the production of melon and our watermelon, ‘La Roja’, one of the references in our catalogue.

The watermelon cultivated in our fields, La Roja, stands out for its good flavour, its intense colour and for the seedless varieties that favour the consumption of this fruit. As far as melon is concerned (link to melon products), the yellow variety stands out, with a sweet flavour, at the right point of ripeness.

In both cases we have an exhaustive control of the entire production process, since we have an integral cycle and we are both producers and distributors, which guarantees quality from the seedbed to the moment of packaging.

Agrupapulpí is a benchmark in the cultivation, packaging and distribution of fruits and vegetables. In our watermelons and melons is all the know-how of a human team that bases its work on the love for the land and the work of the farmer, taking care of each step of the process to maintain quality. A way of understanding the crop that leads us to get the best flavor, keeping it and preserving it in state-of-the-art facilities so that nothing is lost from the field to the table of each consumer.

Both melon and watermelon begin their season coinciding with the hot months. In the case of watermelon, the season begins in May, one month before that of melon. Both can still be found until the end of September. They are characterised by being diuretic fruits, suitable for replenishing liquids but also with a high antioxidant power, especially watermelon thanks to its lycopene content.

Optimal water management

Agrupapulpí’s farms are respectful of the environment. We follow a strict code of good agricultural practices that allows us to improve our production processes. Our fields have the latest advances in the use of water, saving water resources and being more respectful with the environment, something especially important in crops such as melon and watermelon. Our farms combine traditional know-how with the latest avant-garde techniques. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Agrupapulpí is a family business with almost four decades of experience in the cultivation and distribution of fruits and vegetables. We have our own integral cycle and 1,900 hectares of growing areas in the provinces of Almeria, Granada and Murcia to cover the demand for produce throughout the year.